The stainless steel SCIMITAR
The tool has an infinite amount of treatable areas as there are 6 main radius edges to choose from. The radius sizes were chosen based on general shapes of the human body and the ability to pinpoint finite structures of human anatomy. Since the tool is constructed with treatment edge all the way around, there is no part of the tool wasted. With all the shapes in one tool, there is no time lost switching from one tool to another. As you can see in the pictures, the shape of the tool also fits the practitioners hand to result in less fatigue and more control.
All for only $229.00 including shipping (usually ships next day)
The aluminum SCIMITAR
We are in the process of creating and aluminum tool for those that require a lightweight version. Please contact us if you are interested. $TBD
Custom engraving
For those that have several practioners in one office we offer an option to have the back of the tool laser engraved with your clinic or personal information. NOTE: this will take an additional 2-3 weeks for delivery.
All for only $24.95 per item.
Superior construction
This product truly is medical grade.  It started as a blank slated of 17-4ph stainless steel.  It then underwent a machining process to get it into shape with tolerances beyond aerospace requirements.  Following the machining process it was hand polished to a mirror finish and then passivated to remove any microscopic particles of iron or corrodible materials.
     This leaves you with a tool that is safe enough for internal use, and strong enough to last lifetime.  We have yet to find a lotion or massage butter that did not work well with the instrument, and there are reports of some Doctors using the tool through clothing with similar success.
     17-4ph was chosen for several reasons. It is widely used for medical instruments, aircraft engine castings and industrial applications where high-strength, high hardness and excellent corrosion resistance are required.  It's as hard as 400 series stainless and corrosive resistant as 300 series.  What does all this mean to you?  It means that you have a lifetime tool that will handle the occasional drop, ding, and bang, still keep its luster and never corrode. 
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